Store Championship

Formerly known as Game Day, the Store Championship is a fun way to put your deck to the test! They are run in the same format you see Friday Night Magic listed to the left, but after the fourth round we cut to a Top 8 Playoff. Everyone who signs up gets a foil promo card from the next set, and First Place wins a Champion Playmat & Deck Box! 

Wednesday Night Modern

Every Wednesday we run a 3 round Modern Tournament, where you get one pack every time you win around. Entry is $5 and we post Round 1 at 6:30pm. You can also win the Friday Night Magic Promo from the previous month. Come out and play with us!

Tuesday Night Commander

Every Tuesday at 6pm, we have a free Commander night! The format is multiplayer pods and if you win your pod you get a free promo card! Come out and have some fun with us!

​258 Fort Zumwalt Square
O'Fallon MO, 63366


Magic Preleases are our biggest and most fun events we host here! Entry is always $25, and you receive packs to build a deck for a 5 Round event. And if you stay to play, you always get more packs! Be sure to call and ask for our start time, we often run them at Midnight!