Thursday & Saturday Night Yu-Gi-Oh!

At 6:30 on Thursdays and 6pm on Saturdays, we host weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments. Entry is $5 and we play 3 rounds. You get one pack every time you win a round, and we welcome players of all ages. Feel free to come out and play with our dedicated community!

League Cups

League Cups are the most exciting Pokemon event you can attend! It's a chance to win packs, win promos, but most amazingly, win champion playmats! With a $10 Entry fee for Masters and $5 for Juniors and Seniors, this is a competitive level event where making Top 8 is where you will get pack prizing. Although no matter what, just playing gets you Play Points and a promo card. This event is the best way to practice for regionals and other large competitions, so try your hand at becoming the very best!​

Prerelease Events

Prereleases are a great way to get early access to the newest set of Pokemon, and Manticore is always the first place you can do it! Entry fee is $30, and you get 6 packs just for signing up. But if you stay to play, you get 3 additional packs and a promo card!

Sneak Peaks

Sneak Peaks are the only way to get access to the new set a week before it's release date! They are always on a Saturday when we open at Noon, and last until we either close or run out. $20 gets you 5 packs of the new set, a special promo card, and the chance to win a playmat!

Saturday Pokemon League

Every Saturday at 1pm, we have a Pokemon League that's 100% Free! Upon signing up you are given a League Challenge Card that allows you to win special prizes upon completion, so there's always more fun to be had with each game you play!

No one is too young or too old! We have players as young as 6, players older than 40, and we always do our best to match ages appropriately. 

New to the game? No problem! Our dedicated Pokemon Expert is here to show all new players how to play, and encourage them in a friendly environment. We believe in handshakes and good games here, so come out and have fun!